Okra in breadcrumbs... 2.95
(Deep fry in egg & cornmeal)
Soup of the Day... 3.50
(Chicken, Vegetable, Pumpkin, Pea soup & fish tea)
Chicken Wings / BBQ Jerk... 3.95
(Marinated & slow cooked served with barbeque, sweet & sour & spicy hot spice)
Hot & Spicy King Prawns... 4.25
(Marinated & tossed in a hot & spicy pepper sauce)
Avocado slices with prawns... 4.95
(Fresh avocado sliced & served with prawns on a bed of lettuce)
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Chicken Dishes
All meats & poultry dishes are served with choice of rice & peas, boiled rice, hard food or salad, yam, banana & dumplings.
Island Chicken Curry... 10.95
(Tender pieces of chicken, marinated and cooked in a mild curry sauce)
Char-grilled chicken served with a barbecue dip... 10.50
(Seasoned and marinated in mixed herbs)
Caribbean Brown Stew Chicken... 11.95
(Browned & Stewed in a rich sauce with onions, tomatoes and fresh vegetable dutch pot style)
Waterfall Jerk Chicken... 13.95
(Marinated in jerk sauce & traditionally cooked Jamaican style)
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Meat Dishes
Curry Goat (Island special)... 11.50
(Tender pieces of goat meat seasoned and marinated with tantalising herbs and spices from the Caribbean)
Pepper Pot Steak in Sherry... 12.95
(Succulent cuts of steak seasoned with ginger, garlic, onions & scotch bonnet peppers)
Oxtail & Butter Beans... 13.95
(Cooked with a range of herbs & spices butter bean stew)
Traditional Minted Roast Lamb... 13.95
(Seasoned and marinated in herbs and spices)
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Fish Dishes
All dishes are served with salad & a choice of rice & peas, boiled rice, hard food or salad) Yam, banana & dumplings.
Ackee & Salt Fish... 10.95
(Ackee fruit and dry salted cod an assortment of mixed peppers and seasoned with natural herbs)
Steam Fish (Freshly seasoned fish of the day)... 11.95
(Steamed with okra and Caribbean herbs)
Waterfall Jerk Fish... 13.95
(Fresh fish of the day stuffed with calaloo and steamed with vegetables and baked to bring out the tantalising array of flavours)
Brown Stew Fish... 12.95
(Vegetarian Dishes)
Curried vegetables... 7.50
(Various vegetables marinated with Caribbean curry sauces with scallion, fresh ginger and peppers)
Three Bean Stew... 9.95
(Red kidney beans, broad beans & black eye beans stewed in herbs and spices)
Baked Plantain & Calaloo... 6.95
(Diced ripened plantain brushed with olive oil and garlic, baked and served on a bed of seasoned calaloo)
Calaloo & Saltfish... 7.95
(A green leaf vegetable and dry salted cod and an a ssortment of mixed peppers and seasoned with natural herbs)
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Side Dishes
Fried Plantain... 2.00
Fried Dumpling... 2.00
Macoroni Cheese... 3.00
Jollof Rice... 3.00
Steam Vegetable... 4.00
Chips... 3.00
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Childrens Menu
All served with rice or chips.
Fried Chicken... 7.95
BBQ Chicken... 7.95
BBQ Spare ribs... 7.95
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Vanilla Ice Cream... 1.95
Rum & Raisin... 1.95
Banoffee pie & cream... 3.50
Tropical Fruits... 3.75
(with mango Sauce)
Tropical Cheesecake... 3.95
(Apple Pie and Ice cream)
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